Devin Hough

Maker of String Instruments

Fine handmade violins, violas, and cellos in both modern and baroque forms. Made to order.

Specializing in instruments of the baroque, renaissance, and medieval periods. Violin family, viola's da gamba, viola's d'amore, and other period instruments made after historical models or to custom specification.

Also available, baroque period bows for violin, viola, cello, and viola da gamba.

For models available, ordering information, and prices, contact Devin Hough at:


or phone:

(530) 750-1132



Baroque viola, G. Gagliano model ~ Viola d'amore, original model ~ Baroque viola, M. Hornsteiner model ~ Treble viol, G. Maria model ~ Baroque violin, N. Amati model ~ Viola d'amore, custom model ~ Baroque Violin, J. Kloz Model ~ Modern Violin, C. Bergonzi Model ~ Baroque violin, D. Montagnana model ~ Baroque viola, A. Guarneri model ~ Baroque viola bow ~ Bass viol ~ Clip-in Baroque violin bow